E formed in 2013. We are,
Thalia Zedek: guitar and vocals
Jason Sidney Sanford: guitar, vocals and devices
Gavin McCarthy: drums, percussion and vocals
We play music that blends each of our distinct styles and backgrounds,
highlighting individuality and idiosyncrasy, while at the same time finding a way to work together.



Negative Work
(second full-length studio album, LP/CD/download.)
label: Thrill Jockey
release date: xx May 2018

(self-titled debut LP/CD/download.)
label: Thrill Jockey
release date: 11 Nov 2016

(early multitrack and live recordings, cassette only.)
label: 100% Breakfast
release date: 10 Nov 2016

Great Light/I Want To Feel Good
(7" record.)
label: 100% Breakfast.)
release date: 15 Mar 2014

Photo of E performing live at Great Scott, Allston, MA, 2016

photo by Ben Stas, 14 Nov 2016