Das kollaborative Element, so scheint es, ist ihr Ein und Alles... Im Spannungsfeld von unbändiger Power und auch nach all den Jahren ungebrochenem Experimentierwillen glänzten die drei Musiker bereits vor zwei Jahren auf ihrem selbstbetitelten Debüt, für die neue Platte sind E nun allerdings noch mehr zu einer Einheit verschmolzen.
Translation: The collaborative element, it seems, is their one and only... In the field of tension of overwhelming power and also after all these years of uninterrupted will to experiment, the three musicians already shone on their self-titled debut two years ago, but for the new record E are now even more merged into a single unit.
Carsten Wohlfeld, Westzeit, 1 July 2018

The toast of the alternative rock world... these veteran noise rockers come together to create something truly special.
In a time when rock music seems more stultifying every passing hour, E's Negative Work stands like a glorious beacon in a barren field.
Michael Toland, Blurt, 24 June 2018

E occupe tout l'espace sonore, entre énergie hypertendue, digressions noisy et vocalises hallucinées...
Translation: E occupies all the sound space, between hypertensive energy, noisy digressions and hallucinated vocalizations...
Indie Rock Mag, June 2018

Cuts like Poison Letter, Down She Goes And The Projectionist all shake and shatter with the confidence of a band truly making music for themselves.
Tim Hinely, Dagger Zine, 21 June 2018

Comme une hydre à trois têtes consciente de ses individualités, E a réussi à fusionner ses envies et cultiver ses différences.
Translation: Like a three-headed hydra conscious of her individualities, E manages to merge her desires and cultivate her differences.
Julien Savès, Exit Musik, 17 June 2018

--A photo essay from E's live show at Le Sonic, Lyon, France, on 16 June 2018--
Hazam, Beat Occult, June 2018

...dissonances transcendées par la touche d'étrangeté des effets home-made... et aux crescendos électriques aussi tendus qu'énergiques, le trio retrouve une certaine essence perdue dans le genre...
Translation: ... dissonances transcended by the touch of strangeness home-made effects ... and electric crescendos as tense as energetic, the trio finds a certain essence lost in the genre ...
Indie Rock Magazine, 18 June 2018

Live review, from Mocvara, in Zagreb, Croatia: E, u cetvrtak je poremetila nekoliko granica... se granica tice opsega glazbene inventivnosti kada je u pitanju power trio... ostale granice prestale su biti granice.
Translation: E... broke several boundaries on Thursday... the scope of musical inventiveness when it comes to power trio...other boundaries have ceased to be boundaries.
Valentine Sertić, Ziher.hr, 9 June 2018

...ist wie ein Stein, der einen Berg hinunterrollt und immer schneller wird...
Translation: ...like a rock rolling down a mountain and getting faster and faster...
Lutz Vössing, Skug, 6 June 2018

... the group's ability fit chaotic parts together makes for a compelling attack.
Justin Cober-Lake, PopMatters, 5 June 2018

Negative Work doesn't rewrite E's formula, and it doesn't have to; it finds them mining plenty of worth from the ground rules they established on their debut, and the result is another challenging, darkly engaging release.
Mark Deming, AllMusic, June 2018

Kantig, eigenwillig, energiegeladen...
Translation: Edgy, idiosyncratic, energetic...
Carsten Wohlfeld, Gaesteliste, June 2018

...alle erdenklichen Genres aufsaugen und experimentierfreudig zerstückeln, nur um sie anschließend mit unbändiger Punkrock-Wucht wieder auszuspucken. Packend
Translation: ...absorbing all imaginable genres and dismember them experimentally, only to spit them back then with irrepressible punk rock force. Enthralling
Carsten Wohlfeld, Westzeit, 2 June 2018

[E] fruitfully solidifies the distinctive rock motions, heavy yet tuneful, that were offered on their self-titled effort of 2016....E isn't merely a pick-up band for Zedek's considerable talents; not that that would necessarily be a bad thing, it's just that E is more.
Joseph Neff, The Vinyl District, 31 May 2018

(The song, Hole In Nature, is)...a deeply creepy trip, helmed by vocals as deep and intriguing as Nick Cave's and backed by skittish percussion and a gorgeous, earthy bassline
Will Richards, DIY Magazine, 30 May 2018

un equilibrio casi perfecto entre la métrica cerebral y matemática de Tortoise y la pasión volcánica de unos Shellac ligeramente atemperados
Tranalation: an almost perfect balance between Tortoise's cerebral and mathematical metric and the volcanic passion of a slightly tempered Shellac
David Morán, ABC, 24 May 2018

a remarkable coming together of Boston underground veterans to create something startling
a great record from a tough and inventive band, a vividly successful collaboration bending guitar rock into different shapes

Jared Dix, Ehoes and Dust, 25 May 2018

De cette triangulation d'identités fortes où l'ego n'a définitivement pas sa place, chaque titre prend alors forme dans une abstraction réfléchie, travaillée en commun dans un dialogue permanent....Au final, les américains nous offrent ainsi un disque intense
Tranalation:From this triangulation of strong identities where the ego definitely has no place, each title then takes shape in a thoughtful abstraction, worked together in a permanent dialogue.... In the end, the Americans offer us an intense record
Thierry Mabon, Mowno, 25 May 2018

...grindingly guttural yet intelligently purposeful sculpted noise.
Adrian Pannett, Delusions of Adequacy, 22 May 2018

Lovers of Zedek's noisier, spikier side will especially rejoice; after some years of turning to quieter, even more folk-inflected sounds in her solo work, the E material is some of her loudest, gnarliest music in ages.
Chad Berndtson, Patriot Ledger, 19 May 2018

... brash, discordant post-punkian noise and heavy tribal drone dynamics. With each listen, I've picked up a different subtle nuance...
Jon E. Lynch, DGO, 19 May 2018

Equal parts noise and melody, E straddle this always difficult balance with ease and make the result seem so easy. A force to be reckoned with...
Ioan, Louder Than War, 10 May 2018

The tight-knit, twin guitar-led trio E... features Gavin McCarthy (Karate) on propulsive smashing, Jason Sanford (Neptune) on an amazing variety of custom-built string things and rigging, and Thalia Zedek (Live Skull, Come) on deathless guitar.
David Nadelle, Tiny Mix Tapes, 26 March 2018

...there's a throb and hum at the heart of E's sound that rarely deviates even as all around is pointillist and dark....It's that combination of the ruthlessly machine-like beats and the raw, almost adversarial composition between the three portagonists that makes the album so dramatic and so suggestive.
Neil Kulkarni, The Wire, 2016

There is something archaically tactile about these songs too - the compositions and their structure seem gangly and cumbersome, larger than life, of gargantuan mass, yet ancient and bucolic, indebted to the earth and the ages... I can't help but picture charcoal imagery of fervent fury and fear when I hear these songs, scrawled out with juxtaposing German expressionistic touchstones of naivety and the primordial, the sacred and the scarred. Each member's lyrical proclivity, musical preference and sonic muscularity are given equal measure, a pagan triumvirate of penetrating, pointed liberation.
Brendan Telford, The Quietus, 19 December 2016

Underground firebrands Thalia Zedek, Jason Sanford and Gavin McCarthy form new, bass-less trio with enough energy to leaven occasional heaviness in dynamics. A debut both thrillingly volatile and touching melancholic.
JB, MOJO, November 2016

Although E's music can slow down or chill out, it never relaxes. Tension is key.....Change and struggle are in every note E produces.
Mark Jenkins, The Washington Post, 1 December 2016

On E's delf-titled debut, Zedek, Sanford and Karate's Gavin McCarthy take their quiet/loud and angular post-punk maelstrom they call "soul music for machines" to amps-busting sonic heights, testament that Zedek hasn't mellowed one bit
Brad Cohan, New York Observer, 1 December 2016

Influential indie-rocker Thalia Zedek and her new band E explore the dark and noisy side of songcraft with cheap vintage guitars, homemade instruments, unusual chord voicings, and a triangulated collaboration between two guitars and drums.
Tzvi Gluckin, Premier Guitar Magazine, November 2016

E, the band, is a fascinating conglomeration of contradictory energies and impulses from three individuals who have been their eccentric selves long enough to be comfortable, if not in opposition, at least in disjunctive, challenging relationship to one another.
Jennifer Kelley, Dusted, 8 November 2016

"E....make fiery, shringy punk rock and don't mince words. Single "Candidate" is a molotov coctail of a protest song..."
Bill Pearis, Brooklyn Vegan, 2 November 2016

The loud and lordly trio marks its recorded debut with a self-titled LP that announces itself like a carpet bombing campaign
Jedd Beaudoin, Pop Matters, 12 October 2016


Ce que vous entendez sur l'enregistrement est ce qui sort des amplis et c'est ce qui donne cette touche particulière, cette musique froide ou aride d'extérieure mais parcourue d'une intense électricité mettant les mélodies en vibration, portée par la voix troublante et touchante de Zedek, contrebalancée par le timbre grave de Sanford (qui chevrote bizarrement sur Water). Pas d'esbroufe chez E. Tout à la force du poignet avec un surplus de beauté et une quantité insolente de talent. Un grand disque tout simplement.
Translation:What you hear about the recording is what comes out of the amps and that is what gives this particular touch, this cold or arid music of outdoor but traveled with intense electricity putting the melodies in vibration, carried by the voice Disturbing and touching of Zedek, counterbalanced by the serious timbre of Sanford (which strangely checks on Water). No fuss at E. All to the strength of the wrist with a surplus of beauty and an insolent amount of talent. A great record simply.

SKX, Perte & Fracas, 20 December 2016

...sonido a base de de rock matemático y visceral y sentimiento post hardcore.
Translation:...sound based on math and visceral rock and post feeling Hardcore.

Everlong Magazine, 23 December 2016

The vocals on E are just as strong as the instrumental performances, though you'd be hard pressed to find more distinctly different styles than Zedek and Sanford. While Zedek pushes and stretches as hard as the band plays, Sanford takes a more deadpan, relaxed approach. However, the shocker is McCarthy's lead vocal turn on the timely "Candidate." He attacks the mic as if it owes him a sizeable amount of money. On a record that doesn't lack in ferocity, "Candidate" pushes it into the red.
Dorian S. Ham, The Agit Reader, 8 December 2016

The result of three veterans working in total harmony. On their self-titled debut album, E have developed a sound that is both mechanically oriented and emotional.
Because each player is so distinguished and distinct in their playing styles, E is able to exhibit total control over their sound, while still focusing on having the freedom to experiment.
Brilliant right from the start.
This record by E is a massive achievement and testament to the power of choosing band mates correctly and giving them roles to suit them. The LP has power, melody, noise, subtlety and idiosyncratic song craft and vocal deliveries that lift this record to another level. For me, one of the standout records of 2016.

Ioan Humphreys, Louder Than War, 6 December 2016

Song structures influenced equally by fractured postpunk and dissonant post-rock, shying away from neither melody nor good old-fashioned noise...E concerns itself with twisting power trio rawk into new, interesting shapes.
Michael Toland, Blurt, December 2016

While Zedek may not be a well-known name in the mainstream alt-rock world, her influence on decades of musicians whose start was in a basement or a garage or a dimly-lit practice space is indisputable.
Chip Midnight, Columbus Calling, 3 December 2016

E opens in the midst of doom and fights its way forward.
Justin Cober-Lake, PopMatters, 1 December 2016

Punkige Wucht trifft bei dem Bostoner Power-Trio auf die komplexen Strukturen des Math-Rock, perkussive Splitter, rollende Drumbeats und seltsam gestimmte Gitarren bäumen zu einem oft betont asketischen Lärm zwischen Dissonanz und Melodie auf, während Sonic Youth und Fugazi in der Ferne leuchten.
Translation:Punctual force hits the complex structures of the math rock, percussive splitters, rolling drumbeats, and strangely tuned guitars in the Boston Power Trio, creating an often ascetic sound between dissonance and melody, while Sonic Youth and Fugazi glow in the distance.

Carsten Wohlfeld, Westzeit, (album review) November 2016

Auf ihrem ersten Album erforschen E die dunkle, krachige Seite ihrer jahrzehntelangen Songwriting-Erfahrungen und verbinden dabei echte, ungefilterte Emotionen mit einem oft betont unnachgiebigen Industrial-Sound. 'Soulmusik für Maschinen' nennen sie das selbst, wenn in ihren Songs ein minimalistisches Klangbild auf ungewohnte Akkorde und die ungebremste Power aus dem Spannungsverhältnis von zwei Gitarren und Schlagzeug treffen.
Translation:On their first album, E explores the dark, glaring side of their decades-long songwriting experiences, combining real, unfiltered emotions with an often unyielding industrial sound. They call it 'soul music for machines', when in their songs a minimalistic sound image meets unfamiliar chords and the unbraked power from the voltage ratio of two guitars and drums.

Carsten Wohlfeld, Westzeit (feature on the band) November 2016

With the current state of our country I can only see this band being even more inspired to create more powerful music for these end times. I'm ready.
Dagger Zine, 25 November 2016

Heavy but with a subtle distinctiveness and an emphasis on songs; veteran skill is evident throughout.
Joseph Neff, The Vinyl District, 21 November 2016

E actually operate much more as a three-headed democratic beast...the Boston-based trio is another super-group of a kind - but satisfyingly not an obvious or ego-driven one... the threesome entwine their own past pedigrees with extra shades of no-wave, post-punk and post-rock to give this 10-track set art in its heart and fire in its belly.
Adrian Pannett, Delusions of Adequacy, 15 November 2016

Das Ergebnis ist ein forderndes, anspruchsvolles, aber auch ungeheuer spannendes Gipfeltreffen dreier starker, unterschiedlicher Persönlichkeiten, die auf alte Stärken aufbauen, gleichzeitig aber auch banddienlich ohne Rücksicht auf eigene Befindlichkeiten unbeirrt nach vorn schauen. Groß!
Translation: The result is a challenging, challenging but also incredibly exciting summit of three strong, different personalities, who build on old strengths, but at the same time also look intently at the front without regard for their own sensibilities. Big!
Carsten Wohlfeld, Gaestliste, November 2016

Oval office occupations delusions of grandeur & reality collide in something that sounds so wrenching & real it will scare you.
Sjimon Gompers, Impose, 11 November 2016

Although Zedek and Sanford combine their noise rock credentials with McCarthy's precision-sharp drumming, much of the trio's debut self-titled album comes off comfortable and familiar sounding,... the three-piece have so much experience that E can't help but sound sonically titillating
Daniel Sylvester, Exclaim, 9 November 2016

E...construct an intense ride, something akin to Pontiak cutting up and reworking Wrekmeister Harmonies offcuts...It's a brilliant record.
Brendan Telford, Sonic Masala, 8 November 2016

Sanford and Zedek's twin guitars duel in jagged, staccato opposition, creating both massive walls of distortion and sinister syncopated sequences, all driven by McCarthy's relentlessly rolling drum patterns. Zedek's signature heart-wrenching drawl juxtaposes with Sanford's monk-like baritone in their snarling dual-vocal attack...When musicians are willing step out of their established comfort zones to do something new, you know they are real artists.
Chuck Foster, The Big Takeover, 8 November 2016

Spouting lyrics about ties broken, goodbyes unspoken and the catastrophic failure of reason, these veterans' voices are as gnarled as Hoggle's forehead but their rattling musicianship makes younger bands of this ilk look like Mumford's grandma. Though less indulgent than Gira & co., there are times when E's compositions match the quivering intensity of Swans
JR Moores, The Quietus, 3 November 2016

The songs are...focused and direct, with all three members singing and combining their powers into a common vision...E create urgent music for chaotic, uncertain times.
Paul Simpson, AllMusic, November 2016

"Candidate" features McCarthy's scathing lyrical critique the current American political climate, and the band's signature high-energy rhythm section...jetisoning the track forward
Music & Riots, November 2016

The trio have crafted an album that fuses an explosive, industrial sound with the patience and reservation only practiced songwriters can invoke. While each member has decades of experience in the alternative scenes of rock music, their collaborative efforts have combined in a work that is both unlike anything that's come before them, and the result of three veterans working in total harmony. What sets E apart from their contemporaries is their almost youthful willingness to experiment, while having the maturity to show restraint and austerity. On their self-titled debut album, E have developed a sound that is both mechanically oriented and emotional, a combination they could only describe as "soul music for machines."
Music & Riots, September 2016

E captures the malignancy lurking on the edge of 2016 and channels it into an intense and challenging piece of music. E is a piercing, propulsive exercise in the fine art of guitar rock, a collaborative experiment in tension and release
Sean Maloney, CLRVYNT, 31 August 2016

Together, the three create a tense, electric sound that's informed by their esteemed backgrounds but twists those influences into something uniquely arresting.
Ben Stas, Noise Floor, 20 July 2013

Dark, glorious, shattering sounds from the trio behind Come, Neptune and Karate
Erin Amar, Rocker, 17 July 2016

A trio of indie rock and noise rock veterans, E,...affixes dissonance-pocked riffs over jaw-jarring drums.
Grayson Haver Currin, Indyweek, North Carolina, April 2016

...E offered loud, layered power-trio rock, shifting the spotlight among guitarist-vocalist Thalia Zedek, drummer Gavin McCarthy, and Jason Sidney Sanford on homemade, scrap-metal guitar.
Jeremy D. Goodwin, The Boston Globe, 17 March 2016

Photo gallery by Ben Stas, Vanyaland, 16 March 2016

...wiry jerking groove that brings to mind and fuses together the post-punk shards of Gang Of Four, Bush Tetras, Wire and Mission Of Burma into a sublime whole....potent mix of visceral minimalism and artful intellect
Adrian Pannett, Delusions of Adequacy, 2 Sep 2014