E at Once, Somerville, MA, for Fuzztival 2017, (produced by Illegally Blind Presents,)with Ovlov, Horse Jumper of Love, Ava Luna, Way Out, Bat House, Laika's Orbit, Baby, Earthquake Party, and Mint Green.....29 September, 2017

E at Alphaville, Brooklyn, NY, with Upper Wilds and Gold Dime (presented by Ad Hoc).....7 October 2017



E at the Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain, MA, with Gold Dime and Crown Larks.....20 September 2017

E at Prism, Portland, ME.....18 August 2017

E at Great Scott, Allston, MA, with Black Helicopter and You People.....16 August 2017

E at Great Scott, Allston, MA, with Devil Music and Oneida (presented by Boston Hassle).....15 July 2017

E at Lilypad, Cambridge, MA, with Gary War, Violet Nox, and Audrey Harrer.....10 March 2017

E at Beerland, Austin, Texas, with Dyr Faser, Manikin, and Breakdancing Ronald Reagan.....25 February 2017


E at L'Imposture, Lille, France, with Ian G. Kent.....20 February 2017

E at Espace B, Paris, France, with Ovo and Free Gold Watch.....19 February 2017

E at Le Bar'Hic, Rennes, France, with You'll Brynner.....18 February 2017

E at Le Magneto, Bayone, France, with Slift.....17 February 2017

E at Be Good, Barcelona, Spain.....16 February 2017

E at La Rambleta, Valencia, Spain......15 February 2017

E at Ocho y Medio, Alicante, Spain with Milton.....14 February 2017

E at Siroco, Madrid, Spain.....13 February 2017

E at Bonberenea, Tolosa, Spain.....12 February 2017

E at L'Atelier du Neez, Jurancon, France with Zero and Klaustomi.....11 February 2017

E at Le Sonic, Lyon, France, with Monplaisir......10 February 2017

E at Raindogs, Savona, Italy.....9 Februay 2017

E at Loop, Osimo (Ancona), Italy.....8 February 2017

E at Locanda Atlantide, Rome, Italy.....7 February 2017

E at Sala Estense, Ferarra, Italy.....6 February 2017

E at Ai Biliardi, Venice, Italy.....5 February 2017

E at MIKK, Murska Sobata, Slovenia.....4 February 2017

E at Mochvara, Zagreb, Croatia with Cripple and Casino.....3 February 2017

E at FLUC, Vienna, Austria with The Maybe Men.....2 February 2017

E at Fuga, Brataslava, Slovakia with Kosa z Nosa.....1 February 2017

E at Praha Forum for Architecture/Media, Brno, Czech Republic.....31 January 2017

E at T-Club, Roznov Pod Radhostem, Czech Republic with Drutty.....30 January 2017

E at CLUB 007, Prague, Czech Republic with Fetch.....29 January 2017

E at Scheune, Dresden, Germany with GT.....28 January 2017

E at Bio Luz, Dolni Podluzi, Czech Republic with Bumfrang 3 and Kiss Me Kojak.....27 January 2017

E at Schokoladen, Berlin, Germany with Dwarphs.....26 January 2017

E at KuZe, Postam, Germany.....25 January 2017

E at Kunst, Hamburg, Germany.....24 January 2017

E at Kino, Ebensee, Austria with Drive Moya.....21 January 2017

E at OCCII, Amsterdam, the Netherlands with Claqueurs, and HRWH.....23 January 2017

E at Komma, Esslingen, Germany with Elara.....20 January 2017

E at Ziegel Oh Lac, Zurich, Switzerland, with Chrome.....19 January 2017

E at Jubez, Karlsruhe, Germany.....18 January 2017

E at Den Hemmel, Zichem, Belgium with Six Hands.....14 January 2017

E at 4AD, Diksmuide, Belgium, with Firefang .....13 January 2017



E at The Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain, MA, w/ Medical Maps.....10 December 2016

E at BSP Kingston, Kingston, NY, w/ Peter Aaron / Brian Chase Duo, Aircraft.....9 December 2016

E at Casa del Popolo, Montreal, QC, .....8 December 2016

E at Array Space (Invocation Presents), Toronto, ON, .....7 December 2016

E at Grog Shop, Cleveland, OH, .....6 December 2016

E at Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL, w/ Crown Larks.....5 December 2016

E at Big Room Bar, Columbus, .....4 December 2016

E at Black Cat Backstage, Washington, D.C., w/ Time Is Fire, INSECT FACTORY.....3 December 2016

E at The Crown, Baltimore, MD, w/ Dave Huemann Group.....2 December 2016

E at Shea Stadium, Brooklyn, NY, .....1 December 2016

E at BAR, New Haven, CT, w/ Mothers.....30 November 2016

E at Great Scott, Boston, MA, w/ Mary Lattimore - Harpist, True Widow.....14 November 2016

E at The Middle East (upstairs), Cambridge, MA, with Kikagaku Moyo Herbcraft, and 27 Degrees Taurus.....2 October 2016

E at Great Scott, Allsotn, MA, with The Sheila Divine, Jake McKelvie & the Countertops, Minibeast, magic magic, Eldridge Rodriguez, Mini Dresses, Crooked Horse.....10 September 2016

E at The Middle East (upstairs), Cambridge, MA, with Wussy.....13 July 2016

E at The Middle East (upstairs), Cambridge, MA, with Violet Nox.....11 June 2016

E at The Record Company, Boston, MA, with Los Condenados.....12 May 2016

E at Lilypad, Cambridge, MA, with Violet Nox.....30 April 2016

E at Union Arts, Washington D.C. with Insect Factory and Time Is Fire.....24 April 2016

E at The Pinhook, Durham, NC, with John Davis.....23 April 2016

E at The Holy Underground, Baltimore, MC with Dave Heumann and Insect Factory.....22 April 2016

E at Union Pool, Brooklyn, NY, with Dan Friel and Insect Ark.....21 April 2016

E at Pageant Soloveev, Philadelphia, PA, with Insect Factory and Rosali.......20 April 2016

E at The Sinclair, Cambridge, MA, with Tortoise and Mind Over Mirrors.....15 March 2016

E at The Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain, MA, with Fur Purse, Geoglyphs, and Gondoliers.....12 March 2016

E at Charlie's Kitchen, Cambridge, MA, with Far Corners and Gay Sin.....29 February 2016

E at Once (at Cuisine en Locale), Somerville, MA, with The Upper Crust, The Nickle and Dime Band, & Lived on Lead.....6 February 2016

E at Store 54, Allston, MA, with Dyr Faser.....16 January 2016


E at Union Pool, Brooklyn, NY, with 75 Dollar Bill, and Laura Ortman.....8 December 2015

E at Cuisine en Locale, Somerville, MA, with Kinsky, Minibeast, and New Pope.....24 October 2015

E at Cake Shop, Manhattan, NYC, with Oneida and Kinsky.....23 October 2015 --listen--

E at Boston City Hall, Government Center, Boston, MA, for Emerge Festival, with Anais Mitchell, MassMouth, and others--first show with Gavin McCarthy--.....10 September 2015

E at The Sinclair, Cambridge, MA, with Bush Tetras and Gene Dante and the Future Starlets --last show with Alec Tisdale--.....8 August 2015

E at Machines With Magnets, Pawtuchet, RI, with Trinary System, and Odysseus Finn.....7 August 2015

E at The Middle-East, Cambridge, MA, with The Monsieurs, Mother Tongue, Bong Wish.....10 May 2015

E at Charlie's Kitchen, Cambridge, MA w/ Major Stars, Life Partners.....20 April 2015


E at The Lilypad, Cambridge, MA, with Mecca Normal.....25 September 2014

E at The Middle-East, Cambridge, MA, with Black Helicopter and 13 Billion Years.....22 August 2014

E With Royal Wedding and Planet of Adventure, at the Midway Cafe, Jamaica Plain, MA.....12 July 2014

E with Minibeast, at Cuisine En Locale.....26 June 2014

E with Tara Jane ONeil at Lilypad, Cambridge, MA.....Sunday, 25 May 2014

E at Industry Lab, Cambridge, MA w/ Royal Wedding and Empty House Cooperative.....22 February 2014


E at Jacques Cabaret, Boston, MA w/ Leagues, Donna Parker, Steven Lawrence.....6 December 2013

E at Charlie's Kitchen, Cambridge, MA w/ Gondoliers, and Whore Paint.....25 November 2013

Photos of E performing live at The Middle-East, Cambridge, MA, 2016

photos by Ben Stas, 2016